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Viaggio Medellín Hotel's Map

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Stay in the right location! Our location makes us an ideal destination in Medellín, we are in the Castropol Cra 43 # 14 - 81 sector, very close to El Poblado, Lleras Park and Near the Rionegro airport, very close to the Plaza Mayor event center, at Museum of modern art of Medellín among other important commercial and tourist sectors such as the Botanical Garden and some of the most popular shopping centers in the city.

Points of interest

  • Parque Lleras
  • Restaurant Mirador de las Palmas
  • Obviedo Shopping Center
  • Olaya Herrera Airport
  • Santa Fé Shopping Center
  • El Tesoro Shopping Center
  • Plaza Mayor Events Center
  • Museum of Antioquia
  • Atanasio Girardot Stadium
  • Botanical Garden
  • Rionegro Airport

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